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Help Cherrie Walk Again

While building a treehouse for our grandkids Cherrie accidentally took a step back and fell off the top edge, falling 9 feet to the ground resulting in breaking her back in two places and fracturing ribs, cracking her sternum, clavicle and other injuries like a collapsed lung.


Emergency surgery was done on the worst break and then after 6 weeks, in August, another surgery was performed to fix the second break.


On Christmas Day 2022 after feeling weaker and weaker for sometime she stood up to walk, her legs collapsed and she was unable to move them at all.


An ambulance came and within minutes and we were headed to the hospital.


I was told that if she had come in even one day later it would have been fatal.


The entire upper part of her back had a profuse amount of bacteria and infection. It was in every fiber of her back from the muscles, tissue to the bones and blood. Multiple strands of deadly bacteria had developed and coursed through her veins.


On January 13, 2023 new hardware was put in. Most of her back had to have an intensive fusion due to the damage from the infection.


After 85 days in the hospital and two rehab centers later she came home on March 22nd.


Our focus is on her recovery. Dealing with the pain, paralysis and the inability to move has been very hard for her. Being paralyzed from the ribs down comes with many challenges. She has made progress in movement, strength, and stabilization. There is a long road ahead but there is hope that she will walk again.


We all know Hope makes a difference.


The spinal cord only regenerates approximately a millimeter a month in which new nerve pathways are being built among other things.


Due to insurance limitation she stopped receiving physical therapy in July.


We now have the responsibility of doing physical therapy with her at home.  Physical Therapy is a crucial part of her recovery and walking again.  If you know Cherrie, she doesn’t sit still. The recovery is very difficult on her both physically and emotionally.  She is trying each day to create art, jewelry, and writing with the main focus for all of us is walking.


I simply want to ask you to consider donating to her recovery.   


There are many needs that are not covered as well as out-of-pocket costs. For example we are paying almost $1000 a month just for her medication.


The at home hospital/medical supplies, medications, and other day to day expenses, have brought an incredible challenge. Buying the correct home physical therapy equipment is essential for her recovery but it can be costly.


We hope to one day get a wheelchair-accessible van.


Cherrie’s whole life has been focused on helping others.  You can see this at

The proceeds from the art and jewelry she creates goes to support Hope.


Personal counseling to speaking to small groups as well as conference speaking to thousands have been her life and passion.  One of her greatest loves is the helping of children and parents in third world nations.  She is currently touching Malawi, Pakistan, India, Nicaragua along with others.


She has a vision of walking in Africa, where we help in Malawi, when she is 86 years old.


Thank you again for any donation towards her recovery.


Give via text.  Send WALKAGAIN to  53-555


We appreciate your continued prayers and support.


With love,

Michael and  family

Michael and Cherrie Kaylor have each been in active ministry for over forty years. They have planted churches across the U.S., have extended ministry in 7 nations and spent 10 years on the Pastoral Advisory Board of Randy Clark's Global Awakening.

They are both authors with Destiny Image and together they produced and hosted the television show “For The Family” which won a national cable award. 

Cherrie has over three decades of communication and professional training experience that includes national and international speaking, writing and working with Fortune 500 hundred companies.

Michael and Cherrie's heart is to empower the church with Kingdom culture and authority by passionately engaging people with the today presence of the Father.  They live to activate the believer through the prophetic, revelatory teaching and hands on activation.  Together their heart exemplifies the Mothering and Fathering heart of God.

What others are saying:  

    Heidi Baker, PHD co-founder director of Iris Global "Cherrie's teachings are essential in releasing the Kingdom to this generation".   

   Bill Johnson Senior pastor of Bethel Church:   "Michael portrays in simplicity and candidness how hungering after God positions us for remaining renewed in God". 

     Randy Clark  Founder of Global Awakening:  "Michael and Cherrie are choice vessels of the Lord, whom I consider personal friends as well as fellow lovers of His presence and advancers of the Kingdom" .

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Equipping and


Is your church family looking for more of the empowered presence of the Father. A fresh move of the Spirit? 
Michael and Cherrie have 45 years of ministry experience through church planting, pastoring and consulting.  They carry a fresh impartation and  activation or the empowering presence of the Father's heart.

You can contact Michael and Cherrie by clicking the link below.

Personal, Marriage and 
Executive Coaching

Do you feel stuck or discouraged? Like your vison and dreams are out of reach?
Cherrie Kaylor is a certified Excecutive and Personal Life Coach.  She has over 30 years of counseling experience and consulting with fortune 500 companies and individuals and couple.. Her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit makes her a sought-minister and life coach.

Ministry Consulting

Take your ministry to the next level today. With over forty years of experience, the Kaylors are equipped to help your ministry or church thrive in the following areas.  

  • Conflict Management 

  • Growth Strategy

  • Revisioning & Restructuring 

  • Organizational Development

  • Creating your church culture

Kingdom Legacy
An apostolic family network

Kingdom Legacy exsists  to establish an apostolic alignment for existing pastors, churches and ministry leaders with relationship as its heart.  We seek to empower, encourage and equip leaders, ministries and churches to enable the body of Christ to be empowered, edified and equipped. 
“Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God; And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;”    Ephesians 2:19-20

The Nations Call


Kaylor Ministries
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Acworth, GA 30101


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