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"The Prophetic Life"

"The Prophetic Life"

SKU: 364215376135199

This 8 CD set from Kingdom Legacy College of Ministry is an essential training for those wishing to release the prophetic or those needing to deepen this gift.

1.  The Gift of Prophecy

     God speaks through His church

2.  The Purposes of Prophecy

     The New Testament application of prophecy today.

3.  "Forms of Prophecy"

     Discover the many ways prophecy is released

4.  "God's Lanuages"

      God speaks in very many ways

5.  "Discerning The Prophetic"

      Understanding The Human Equation

6.  "Prophetic Words"

      Guidelines for judging prophetic word and the interpretation

7.  "Prophetic Core Values"

      Develop the true heart of prophecy

8.  "The Effects of Core Values"

      Learning to bring the greatness out of each of our lives

  • 8 set CD


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