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Hope Makes A Difference


Have you ever desired to reach into a world of brokenness and truly make a difference?  There are endless numbers of needy and broken children and families crying for hope.   If we can touch the depth of their need we can help transform their world, one heart at a time.


At Hope Makes A Difference we believe that one person can make a greater impact when joined with efforts of others.  Together we unite with the common goal of brining hope to the hopeless by bringing resources to provide jobs, education, food, medical supplies, clean water and the support of children’s facilities.

Our vision is to change the destiny of lives by providing answers to basic needs

  •   We desire to provide housing and parental guidance for children who have been abandoned.

  •   We desire to give opportunity to those willing to lifted out of poverty.

  •   We want to embrace and provide care and a loving home through the gifting of those whose hearts are     called to the nations.



On the Amazon River families use the river as a source of drinking water.  Dysentery is the deadly result.  This can be stopped by the placement of locally built water filters into the villages.



Many coutries are in need of basic medical care. In many cases a simple procedure or drug will prevent a lifetime of harm or even death.  We co-labor to help bring the hope of medical care to selected third world countries.



Poverty is a curse that can be erased when an opportunity meets a willing heart.  We want to provide this opportunity to those families who would have no hope of life beyond mere means..



What greater love than to care for the helpless.  Many children have been abandoned to a futureless life.  We want to bring hope by co-laboring with proven orpan facilites to help meet the basic needs of these amazing kids.



We co-labor with the local community and others to build new housing and basics needs such as a latrine. Building Mercy Homes is project where homes are built for handicapped children.


Become a monthly partner.  Partners are critical to the endeavor.  The Partner Team establishes the foundational structure of Hope Makes A Difference.  Our partners help make a difference as we join together to become world changers.

Individuals, churches or busnesss, you can make a one time gift or become a monthly supporter.


Please watch the video below.

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