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 February 5th 11:00 AM est.


Emotional Barriers  

Discover a life of freedom

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"My goal for you, is to help navigate

your life with fulfilled dreams and your God given purpose.  No longer just surviving life and circumstances but living in Abundant Joy and Peace in your heart and mind.".

This is an exceptional training series. Thousands of lives have been transformed by applying the truths and principles that are in this training.


"My life will never be the same" is a common statement that is made after working with Cherrie.  Repeated patterns are systematic of unresolved issues that has trapped us an unrelating spiral that seems to never stop.

Cherrie has worked for Fortune 500 companies like Sprint and Philips Electronics. As well as with executives from local Television stations also executives from General Electric. For the last 25 years she has worked with individuals, couples and families that have suffered as a result of emotional barriers, disfunction and victimization.  If your finding your self in the same place the same hurt again.  There is freedom and fulfillment for you.

If you or someone you know has been trapped by the result of fear, insecurity or isolation or victimization. Then you owe it to yourself to enroll and learn the tools for Breaking Through Emotional Barriers!

"As a counselor and life coach, Cherrie Kaylor has a level of insight beyond many therapists I’ve worked and trained with. In consulting with her, I have found her wisdom and gift of discernment to be accurate and invaluable when in comes to unlocking barriers and identifying steps to equip clients to heal. She is experienced

in identifying hidden areas of hurt and brokenness and subsequently able to introduce creative, healthy and

effective interventions.   I am honored to recommend Cherrie Kaylor as one of the most

impactful, life changing counselors I know.

Holly Graham, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

"Cherrie Kaylor brings a wealth of experience from both the "for profit" and "not for profit" worlds to train people to discover and develop their leadership potential in a way that enhances the leader's life and brings value to the entire organization in which he or she works.  Cherrie's genuine desire to see people fulfill their leadership potential is refreshing.  Her optimism is contagious.  I recommend that you engage Cherrie Kaylor as your guide in your personal journey to reach your potential."


Robert W. Barron, Esq.

Corporate Attorney

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This training is comprised of six live video sessions once a week on Tuesdays with Q/A and  playback if you missed a class or cannot take the live classes.

Special $125.  Spaces are limited. You will also receive a certificate of completion.

Cherrie Kaylor

The following is a  sample of the class schedule.

   1.  Original Genesis : Brought forth with purpose

   2.  Why?: Answering the "why's" in your life.

   3.  Stolen Treasure: Kidnapped Royalty: How it happened - How to get it back

   4.  Standing In Your Dominion: How to navigate life's storms and  deserts.

   5.  This is Me!: Life outside the prison box - How to live in Freedom.

   6.  Saturated by Design  Saturated by Intention :- You are not alone.

        Q and A time in each session.

Instructions will be sent upon registration.

Cherrie Kaylor is known to many as "mom".  Her skill as a counselor in summed up in "She has a gift". She has over four decades of counseling, consulting, communication and professional training experience.   This includes national and international speaking, Author and working with Fortune 500 hundred companies. Along with owning her own businesses she has worked with the executives and employees of Sprint, Philips Electronics and others, as a logistics and efficiency advisor to change moral, boost confidence and increase the profit margins. Hope Makes a Difference is her non-profit humanitarian ministry that provides for homeless children in third world countries.  Providing water filtration along the Amazon River Basin and medical supplies is a fundamental part of Hope.  As well a being a sought after commissioned artist, Cherrie with her husband, Michael, produced and hosted the award winning television show “For The Family". Cherrie and Michael just celebrated 42 years of marriage.  They have three adult children and four grandchildren and live in the Atlanta area.

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